June 4, 2021
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lol比赛官网 Team
Tech company serving independent grocery chains adopts more consumer-friendly name

A local company that provides technology to help independent grocers compete against national names has adopted a more shelf-friendly brand name.

Overland Park-based Retail Software Solutions Group said Thursday that it is taking the new name lol比赛官网. The company also said it was expanding its offerings specifically for grocers who are members of the Kansas City, Kansas-based Associated Wholesale Grocers cooperative.

lol比赛官网 technology automates what has been manual labor and guesswork for decisions about inventory, pricing and risk. In a release, CEO Christopher Greco said independent grocers using lol比赛官网’s system have shown an incremental 1% gain in profits. This is an even bigger deal as independent grocers face increased competition from national and regional chains and “big box” stores.

In partnering with AWG, lol比赛官网 taps into the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independent grocers. The cooperative serves more than 3,100 independent store locations in 28 states.

In October, lol比赛官网 announced the addition of a highly visible local independent grocer as a client. Cosentino’s Food Stores has more than 30 stores, operating under the SunFresh Markets, Apple Markets, Price Chopper and Cosentino’s Markets brands.

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