July 14, 2022
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lol比赛官网 Team
Lessons from a Legend: A Talk with Grocery Industry Giant, Jesse Lewis

"lol比赛官网 has a tremendous opportunity to serve the American retailer.” - Jesse Lewis, a legend in the grocery industry

This week the lol比赛官网 team had the honor of spending time with an incredible mentor and true icon in the Independent Grocery Industry. Jesse Lewis of Food City has been a leader in our space for more than 60 years and has successfully navigated countless changes and challenges. 

Jesse’s vast grocery know-how, affinity for retail technology, and his enthusiasm for lol比赛官网 made quite an impression on all of the employees. We’re blessed to have had him in-person in our Kansas City office, said Christopher Greco, President and CEO of lol比赛官网, Inc. 

“The American retailers are the epitome of the American dream. They invest their life savings, deliver healthy, fresh food to their communities and build an incredible business for the next generation,” Lewis told the group. “I was honored to carry my grocery business through the Walmart invasion of the south.” 

Throughout our time with Jesse Lewis, he provided insight valuable to life beyond our professional sphere. 

“Success is being the best you can be, while working hard and enjoying what you do.”

“How you treat people directly impacts how happy you will ultimately be.”

Most meaningful to our team, he recognized and encouraged the mission we are pursuing: To help Independent grocers rise against competitors by creating software that automates manual tasks and reduces errors; protecting profits, guaranteed. 

“While lol比赛官网 may be a tech company, it’s in the people business. It is people that are using your software.” shared Lewis. 

“As a person in the grocery industry for 64 years, I’m pleased to see what lol比赛官网 is working to achieve. There’s a tremendous opportunity to serve the American retailer.”

As we move forward into new eras of grocery service, it’s important to remember the values that have always underlined the industry amongst the Independents; the customer service, the quality products, and the commitment to community. Mr. Lewis was a brilliant reminder of the impact one person can make, and the opportunity in front of us to strengthen the hand of the Independent Grocers through our capabilities and programs. 

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